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Signature for Email Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I've got the same email address on my laptop and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The signature on the laptop is in single spacing. I then sent an email from the laptop to the Note 10, but the signature is now in double spacing. How do I change it to single spac...

Posted by: Blommie
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my note 10lite is hacked Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hi everyone My phone is hacked or cloned..the hackers can view everything on my phone...apps installed, messages,emails, location and call listen to calls. I have searched for any payloads or installed .apks however nothing I have seen nothing.Please...

Posted by: Edibo
Beginner Level 2

S Pen

Posted in: Galaxy Note

The S Pen on my Note 10+ does not want to take screenshots since my last software update on 23 June 2020. It works fine otherwise.Any advice please?

Posted by: HotFrog
Beginner Level 3

screen Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy Note

My galaxy note9 screen showings like it is breakup, showing unusual colors, lines on the screen, it becomes slow also, drags icons

Problem with Headphone Mic Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy Note

I am unable to use my earphone mic for calls or online voice chatting. I have used different headphones and not luck. I also tried cleaning but nothing there either. I put my device in safe mode and still no use.The problem is that the mic work on my...

Posted by: Eerie
Beginner Level 4

call place on hold

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Another thing happening all the time after the screen replasement is that my calls are placed on hold all the time. Any ideas to fix this please

Posted by: Elise
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Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hallo guys, any idea why my spen doesent want to conect after a screen replasement?

Posted by: Elise
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