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android 10 update

Posted in: Galaxy J

Gotta thank samsung for releasing the android 10 update on my galaxy j6+, it really helped a lot in situations where the pie was just unable to tackle certain problems like how my phone got slow over periods. IF ONLY THE GOODLOCK APPLICATION WOULD UN...

Posted by: lewiz
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Phone charging issue Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy J

After android 10 update In my Samsung j4 When I charge my phone Its hangs after a while and I am unable to on screen So I have to restart my phone Please tell me how I solve that Issue

Posted by: Tarush1
Beginner Level 2

One ui 2 update

Posted in: Galaxy J

Why is the j6 plus getting the update in December,This is the second or third time it's been delayed and been looking forward to it every since it was announced. It was supposed to come out this month so can someone please tell me what's going on.

Caller id not visible Resolved!

Posted in: Galaxy J

How can I make the incoming caller's details visible instead of writing Unknown when recieving calls? , even when the contact is saved on my phone

Posted by: Stard7
Beginner Level 2
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