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My ringtone volume turns itself off after ringing once then it stays off and the phone just vibrates. With me it happens even after using Galaxy Buds Pro' just goes off completely. Can someone help the brother our. 
The worst update ever, phone is slower, finishes  battery faster, 3rd party app e.g. WhatsApp glitches, does not respond well...sometimes just does not respond when unlocked. Only if I could go back to Android 4.1. Appart from these flaws  the new fe...
The update has so many glitches. Certain apps mulfunction or dont work as they are supposed to. Eg. Deleting search on Samsung web browser, the prompt is scew, messages on lockscreen are cut in half. I'm still working around it but it has many bugs. 
Hi. Does anyone know how to make the camera shutter slightly faster in taking pics...I mean after taking a pic one has to wait a few seconds then take another one then wait then another on . Its impossible to take a pic one right/immediately after th...
Does anyone know how to flip the video camera while recirding on Android 12. I'm using A52 and seems like that option is nolonger there.