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How often do you use Samsung Pay ?

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I must admit, I have been lazy enough to carry my wallet in my pocket all the time, because I am afraid of loosing it 🙈🙈But I never forget my phone! I have Samsung Pay which smart, tech savvy, kinda showoff and also very convenient. The best part i...

Samsung Pay- Task 25

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Team 4Samsung Pay is one of the most beloved features of Samsung Smartphones♥️.Whenever I go outside...I always look for a card machine while paying for something so that I can use this feature as it doesn't require us to carry any cards with ourselv...

Samsung Pay ads

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I do like to use the app, but why is offers, ads, banners on things I don't need always flashing? It should have a clean config that helps me manage just payments, or I should have the ability to opt out of all that nonsense. I'll wait to hear what S...

Samsung Pay

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Its one if those application which when i use feel really safe as it asks for my finger scanner + its always enabled whenever i use banking application. So feel very safe using this application.Thankyou samsung Team4: Delhi Samaritans