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SPay Dark Mode

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as we have already known and aware of Dark mode its saves the battery and best viewing angel too so why not SPAY also have the DARKMODE option.Might be they forgotten or not doing purposelyWE specially I needed DARK MODE in SPAY

Unable to update Samsung Pass

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Hi Members,Is anybody facing the issue of unable to update Samsung Pass? I am facing it. When I login samsung pass, it asks me to update. When I click update, it redirects to Galaxy store. But the store says app is not available. Can some body help o...

Samsung Pay: Everything you need to know

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Almost every phone offers mobile payments these days, but Samsung Pay is the most flexible and universally accepted form.Samsung makes use of a technology called Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), which emulates the magnetic strip on a physical card...

An extensive review of Samsung Pay

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So What Exactly is Samsung Pay and How Does it Work?Samsung Pay is a mobile payments app that comes with high-end and mid-range Samsung phones and allows you to make card payments using your smartphone. It makes it convenient as you don’t Have to swi...

Samsung pay

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Is there any issue with samsung pay ?I'm paying to vendor VIA Paytm QR code using my Samsung pay and amount is debited from my account but not credited to the vendor's account.?