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My S23 Ultra is brand new. Initially I would get about 1,5 days battery life. After updating and reinstalling most of my apps, I am not getting through an entire day. Viewing the battery usage stats does not indicate what the issue is. We need a more...
In my opinion, BUDS LIVE are the best BUDS. The sound variavariation options are plentiful, both by equalizer and also by adjusting the physical position in your ear.The option/ability to have them in your ear and still hear your surrounds is a huge ...
Animations: The first thing I do on a new phone is smarter developer mode and doable animations. But on the S3 Ultra, I have disabled them over and over. They may go off for 1 or 2 clicks but then switch on again by themselves. Why...???
Samsung if you are serious about dex - please bring back sd cards, and enable multiple screens via a usb hub for dex. then you would have virtually killed the laptop!!as it stands now, the only thing i need my laptop for is to run muliple screens and...
Samsung, the curved screen is arguably cool or gimmick on normal phones, but on note/stylus version it is silly. It severely hinders the writing experience and screen writing area. Please make the next note/Ultra version with a flat scree. I have che...