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If I reschedule the calender event notification to come after 1 hour using the option next to snooze as shown in picture:The notification dont ring when it comes again, it just silently comes.Kindly help 
Install at your own risk as many people have reported in past that updates that come at the end of the support cycle tends to cripple the phone performance .S10+ is already on quarterly support which will end in 2023.P.S. I'm not installing it for fe...
Hi,Mini timer of clock stays at a fix position and doesn't automatically moves to adjust itself when keyboard is open and hides some keys which hinder typing.I know I can shift the timer as I want but its a basic software optimization which samsung c...
Hi,I'm sure many of us are fed up of using 2 app stores namely Google play store and Galaxy store while play store is universal and 1 stop solution for all apps possible as developers also use that one only.Samsung should shut down or atleast trim do...
Hi,I bought the phone at its launch in march 2019 and its december 2022 ,3years and 9months. The screen has amazed me at day1 and still do, absolutely fantastic work by samsung in screen department.There are NO burn in whatsoever even though I use Al...