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As google tried to made it compulsory for OEMs to provide seamless updates but bogged down to pressure by giants like samsung etc, I think its really high time to start providing it.Many users are posting daily about bugs after updating their phones ...
Hello members,Finally dual whatsapp media issue has been resolved.Kindly update your whatsapp, latest version update your phone. Mine s10+ with november update installed yesterday. 
Looks like Samsung smoked some high quality stuff before putting up the Note10+ Battery prices藍.Check for yourselves. Rest all devices have Battery under 1500rs even the Note20 Ultra has Battery mrp 1666.
Hey guys,2 questions for you :1) Does screen recorder has option to enable screen touch tracker or still have to enable it from dvelopers settings?2) If you enable to "show media button and sim card info" in notification panel, are only 2 rows visibl...
I have created 2 backups of my phone :1 with all the data but forgot to unlock some files so made second one of that specific files.If I restore both my backups will 1 overide the other?