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How are we supposed to use this feature if other samsung phone doesn't have it. Its not possible for everyone to buy an expensive samsung phone.If samsung wants to copy apple features then they should do it right. All iphone models whether 5 or 6 or ...
Samsung really need to change its update policy for its flagship phones atleast or else it will lose a huge customer base to its rivals.S8 is such a beauty but of no use if it doesn't get latest software updates.I really appreciate oneplus for their ...
As shown in guides option to use phone screen as trackpad will be the there in notification bar but it isn't there.Is it because I am using normal USB-B to USB-C cable to connect to laptop?Do I need HDMI cable to use phone as touchpad.Kindly suggest
Just Updated my s10plus to May patch. Hoping for device stability.😅
Do Iphone users also browse around internet right after they receive an update like we galaxy users do as we get bugs n more bugs.With Fast charging enabled it took me more than 2 hours to charge my s10+ with charging info disappeared .After every up...