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After migration of Samsung pass to Wallet, importing saved password is only limited from local file and cannot import from Cloud. 
If the phone is in silence or vibrate mode (not DND), the phone will be forced to ring with a specific ringtone which I can select. Please add this option in Samsung Contacts 
Please add an option in AOD to turn off charging status while charging wirelessly because I can't charging my phone at night. It is bothering. Thank you 
update: available in photo editor pro ...I feel it is better to add a list of photos dimensions while editing the photo in gallery.. it is there but only to 1:1 ratio and manually it is available and showing on the photo. we need a list to be added f...
The shortcut for gallery in camera app is showing all photos in gallery including other apps photos such as WhatsApp photos and videos It is better if the shortcut is limited to camera folder.