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AI features for the rest of Galaxy Users

(Topic created on: 06-05-2024 10:04 AM)
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The rest of the Galaxy Users who don't have AI features on their phones are not missing out because the rest of the AI functionality is done through apps.

Microsoft Copilot which you can download as an app gives you abilities to compose messages and alter them the tone, you can do the same on Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard if you want keyboard functionality.

For note summaries, you can Otter which can generate summaries from your notes or voice notes but only if you record via it.

Opera browser can summarise the website for you and has a built in AI assistant. Meta apps have AI assistants.

Google One subscription gives you additional features like Magic editor which is the AI version to edit your pictures. If you want more advanced features from Google Gemini like tone assistant, compose assist in Gmail, Google drive, Messages you have to get a 2TB subscription.

Anyways all these Galaxy AI features are free for now until 2025 which then will be a paid subscription.

So you are not missing out per say. These are just apps majority of them. If you want to generate a wallpaper from AI you can do it via an AI assistant. 
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Exactly. I really wanted circle to search but couldn't get it since I'm using an A series only to realize I can still use Google lens in it's place which does basically the same thing
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Google Photos now offers free AI photo editing.

I once said it. All these AI features are found in a lot of places. Whatsapp has AI searches etc.

There is nothing new that much.
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Those screaming for OneUI 6.1 aren't missing out on AI features You only get the adaptive battery charging and lockscreen widgets