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Yesterday I received my One Ui 6 update. I love the improvements that comes with it. The new control panel, the way notifications looks, the new font looks great, the improved lock screen eve though we don't get those animations that are found on the...
Guys how do we make the world know how Samsung is treating some of the regions when it comes to software updates. They have painted themselves as this company that have improved a lot which offers timely updates. They offers beta programs, things lik...
Let's hope Samsung will treat us better in 2024. Fingers crossed 爛 
This is some of the snippets I took from the article I was reading. You ask yourself if really Samsung is leading by such a margin in South Africa why do they treat us like this when it comes to software updates? Or they are too relaxed knowing that ...
Samsung continues to disappoint me and many other South African. What is happening does not encourage one to go out and buy their flagship device. Seeing that S22 which is last year's flagship device is completely forgotten makes one to question Sams...