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This is a community platform, where is the samsung assistance at? How come no one from samsung ever responds to anyone here? They are part of the community cos without us/n our support there wouldn't be a samsung! Sad story, they don't care to assit,...
What ever happened to changing clock style with always on display. Updated to one ui 6.1 and its vanished. First we have no goodlock now they take away the right to customize our device
Can anyone suggest some really good ad free printing apps? I was using Samsung print but suddenly it stopped working in November and wont work any longer. My printer isnt wifi friendly so need to use a usb. 
Could someone kindly explain to me what the battery usage and screen on time graph means. Whats a good battery life and whats a bad one? What do i need to look out for? Where can i read up about this to better understand 
Come now samsung its the festive season bring us some cheer... i dont want finelock n nicelock. I want goodlock. @samsungsa listen to us