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My google chrome is not updating, it's getting auto cancelled. Same with Android System WebView, it's stuck on pending, rest apps are updating. Please help me !
After recent December Patch Update, touch issue fully fixed. Thanks Samsung 😊
Every morning, I see that when I unlock my phone, there are some UI stutters. But, since 3 days, I have turned off Auto optimization, restart and cleanup, and also, doesn't clear recent apps whole day, and now it feels like phone is lot smoother than...
Since, Samsung m series (except m40) have no C.A. It chooses only one band or sometimes connect to lower band, which gives slow internet in night (in my case).So, Just download Samsung band Selection app and choose band 40, then see how speed will be...
In what frequency should I clear wipe cache partition ? What is time taken for clearing cache partition ? Will it affect my personal data in my phone ? Will it brick my phone or slow down ?Please anyone answer these questions.Device:- Samsung m30s, 4...