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I am writing this review to share my experience with cart low the company who is responsible for trade in.I have been following up with them regarding the pick up since 13th of March and yet they keep saying tomorrow and soon and till date no one cam...
I'm looking for one and the ones I found on Amazon are wide and do not give a snug look.Was wondering if anyone found good replacement bands as I think Samsung aren't selling those 
So I was excited about pre ordering an s22 plus, and I saw the voucher thing which is a great idea and the first thing that comes to your mind is using it for a 45W charger but the only option available is 25W. This put me off and I don't want to pre...
I have an s20 plus and I updated to android 12 few days back,Since then I've seen some lags with the phone especially when trying to slide the upper menu it doesn't happen from the first time.Also the back gesture although it vibrates but doesn't act...
Hi,I have the galaxy buds pro for 3 months now and I recently started facing a problem when ANC is on, the right ear bud starts to leak sound in (like wind sound).I have to say I'm not very happy with the buds pro, I asked the community here before p...