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Hello every body ...I have s20 ultra 5 g, I turn off every thing ( wifi, Bluetooth, GPS ....) when I weak up,after 6_7 hours I always loose between 7 at 12 % of charge for nothing. When I see the battery information,there is nothing run !!!!What an I...
Hi everybody.  Is it normal that the batterie of note 20 5g is 40.9 celcus degre after a videocall of  20 minutes!!!!
Yesterday i bringed my device to samsung service center( batterie drain 10 _12 % in the night without any use : turn off wifi, Bluetooth...and batterie very hot when I do video call or gaming). They believe their system more  than the customer. They ...
Batterie very hot when playing or call video.One full charge : Take maximum 4 hours on screen!!! (80% of my application in sleep)In sleep mode (night) i loose 10% _13%of my batterie . Someone can help meI'm very disappointed about this smartphone