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S22Plus 5.0 BetaPhone wont connect to PCAnybody else having this issue?
I've exchanged my S20 plus to S22 plus and it is a nightmare to look at S22 display. It is so bad and pixelated.Can samsung agree for a return and give me back my S20 plus?I thought I would get used to it but text and icons are pixelated and I can't ...
S22 Plus Beta.Battery is not bad, but OnrUI Home is eating a lot.That's not supposed to happen rigjt?Please look into it.
S22 Plus I received is made in Korea. It doesnt have any plastic wrap on frame.International variants, I'm guessing made in Taiwan have frame protection with plastic wrap.Why is this discrepency. What could be the reason.How come quality differs from...
Why isn't Samsung reducing flagship prices even after 8 months to one year, like they do in other countries?S20 plus to S22 plus its a major downgrade, yet it costs 85000?