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Dear Samsung please give security updates to every phone whether it is low end or higher end. Here I am only speaking about the security updates. Security is the most important thing one should have. Already we are hearing news on data security on da...
How to delete Samsung keyboard?I am using Gboard, so it doesnt make any sense of storing multiple keyboard.
Why my phone is getting warm while charging and when internet connection is switched on? It is getting heated up if I am playing basic games like subway surfers. Battery is also draining very fast. I have to charge my phone 3 to 4 times a day.
Dear Samsung, it is very much annoying taking screenshots as the way you provide. Sometimes I fail taking screenshots. I dont want to download any third party application for this stuff. I recommend you to add a separate key/button on your future pho...
My fingerprint sensor is not responding. I dont know what happens to it sometimes. It doesn't recognize my fingerprint. Very bad response from the fingerprint sensor in on series by Samsung.