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Do any of you know if I can buy a replacement screen from the service centre and repair a phone myself? I have a water damaged Galaxy A31. The display is the only thing that's damaged, everything else works fine. As the phone is out of warranty I don...
I don't know when was this feature included. But I found it today. Option to hide camera cutout/notch.
SIM: Airtel (both).Data Saver: off (both)Can't use mobile data. Although it shows 4g volte on. Call & SMS working normally.
After the OneUI 5.0 update I cannot resize the picture-in-picture (PiP) window anymore. Previously you could drag any corner of the window and you could resize. But after the OneUI 5.0 (Android 13) update nothing happens. Did the option for this chan...
My new lockscreen.Posted again because in previous post the phone numbers were visible.You can find this kind of wallpapers here.