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It would be great to have a quick panel toggle for Fast Charging. Experts say that fast charging your phone battery all the time is bad for the battery life. So, it is a good idea to use Fast Charging sparingly.Nowadays flagship phones stop charging ...
Samsung Community AppGoogle ChromeSee above how Google Chrome has split screen view support but Samsung Community App doesn't. Why?
I have always wondered why is my internal 128gb storage is shown as 128gb on my Galaxy smartphone yet the Samsung EVO plus MicroSD card 256gb is shown as 239gb?Samsung file managerTo me, there seems to be only one possible answer.They are making the ...
The touch area for call button in the recents page used to be bigger. Which made it easier to call someone quickly. But after the December update on my A31 it became smaller. It has been more than a month, still I am not used to this. While trying to...
The galaxy store shows update notification for some apps which I uninstalled. How?? Why???After every OS/security update galaxy store tries to install some unnecessary apps. And now this.