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Does A20 (4000)mAh battery lasts this long. Only 19 Hours with combined use ..若 Moreover After 20 % it get empty in only [5-10] minutes .樂 What is this !! I never encountered such thing from any previous Samsung phone I brought. Are All A20 users ar...
Camera light sensor battery drain even though I turned of the adaptive brightness, it runs in Background and sucking up the's time keep increasingI noticed it for 2 battery cycles but the problem persists.☹
After 20% to 15% battery drains too fast like in 5 to 10 minutes it shutdowns itself steadily 1% goes like in 30s, even though I turn on the Ultra power saving mode the position of the battery is same.Is this my phone's battery or software issue. Not...
Bhaiyou 2.0 ke baad 2.1 ka kuch pata hai, ya wo ye log tub denge jab One 3.0 aajayegi.......Deep thoughts 
A series smartphones"s Auto brightness **bleep** it is too sensitive it keeps changing. If we are reading something or watching something it lowers automatically even if we are sitting in same environment with sane lighting conditions. It changes by ...