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After the 4 mb update the phone looks stunningly fast It's odd that 4 mb update can do this😁😁Does anyone have any problem in update?
Ohhhh Samsung we can't handle this big 4 mb update 😁😁😁 we only have 1.5/2 gb par day But now we can say that Samsung is surely ignoring 2019 A series they gave August patch in end of September but we can accept that but see the size this isn't fai...
We can see now A50,A50s,A70,A70s are great phone of 2019 and it saved Samsung from being dead in mid budget and premium category and Samsung is not giving a stable update in these great phone and if they give the updates have full of bugs and they do...
After 24 hours of receiving the August security patch on my A50 I got nearby share
i have a reason to prove that all the phone with EXYNOS 9610 ,9611 whether 2020 A series or 2019 A series but still Samsung will give more update to A51,A71 just because they are new not A50,A50s,A70,A70s even these phones have capability of receivin...