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I turned off all my alarms and there are no saved alarms, so why do I still see the alarm icon in the Status bar? The Alarm icon in the Status bar at the top is not just used for the Clock app. This clock icon is provided by Google and can be used fo...
Hey there! People these days are pretty much running after "Updates" and complaining, why their old devices are not getting more and more updates... Let me Explain... ✒️  First of all, the Karnel support. Sometimes the old kernel does not support a n...
Samsung, the smartphone giant since many years of quality and innovative services with new technologies, custom features in Android OS and really feature rich smartphones, has been dominant in market and still they are.They bring us the excellency of...
What is this..???Samsung Music app downloads twice while updating. But why? What's the point to download 17MB instead of 27, and later that 27 MB downloads again.A total of 17+27 = 44 MB instead of 27.... 樂樂勞勞. . . 
Why people always says like, "Buy an iPhone"? Whenever they didn't get a software update. If you can buy an iPhone just to get software upgrades, why did you buy a J or A series phone? If one can afford iPhone, they won't buy a J7, J5, J3... . At lea...