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Does anyone owning S20 Ultra or S20 series had luck finding good Screen protector of any kind be it tempered or plastic?Mine just got damaged and its really painful searching for a good screen protector when there are no many options available.
Has anyone else using S20Ultra noticed drop in charging speed after updates received in April?Mine is no longer getting charged at same speed even though it says "super fast charging".
S20 Ultra was launched with a big price tag and still misses something that every phone manufacturer is providing for much lesser price which is 5g.Buying S20 Ultra now feels like a big mistake when smartphone makers like One Plus, Motorola are comin...
System is not showing fast charging notification anymore.One strange thing I have noticed is thag after connecting to charging cable, it starts charging for a second,then disconnects and again starts charging. Also charging time has increased.Kindly ...