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To main kya kru?
Shot on Nokia Lumia 1020.All lights were turned off.Environment was completely dark.Lumia 1020 was launched in 2013 and still competes well with iPhone 12. It beats any 2021 smartphone in dark-light photography.Xenon flash rocks! It can even freeze a...
I am switching to Nokia and Apple. Let me know if you are interested.
On increasing the bass from equizer, Volume decreases and audio starts distorting. I am using Sennheiser IE 80 which costs arround 75,000 INR
Samsung forgot to work on low-light photography. Too much noise in even a 2021 flagship smartphone. Nonochrome photography is a bad idea on Samsung. You end up using the PixelR Express or Adobe Lightroom to get monochrome images. Nokia has details, b...