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Guys if you want to stop those spammers from posting misleading and useless stuff all the time , I want everyone to report them by selecting the three dots in top right corner of the post.Another way to stop them is by going to the youtube links they...
Is there any way to fix unknown imei error.I recently downgraded my phone so now i am receiving no signal sometimes. I need a solution for non rooted device. plz help
I want to confirm that is downgrading possible after the october patch update. Coz samsung has restricted downgrading for some devices
I think samsung is afraid of giving s7 edge samsung experience 8.5 coz s7 edge is really similar to s8 aside from some features like no physical buttons and eye sensor etc. If samsung gave s7 edge new ui and bixby there will be less market for s8 as ...
All the s7 edge users and other who are using mid range and above smartphones i ask of you to contact samsung in every way possible regarding the updates. As you have seen even though we spent about 50k for a flagship they treat us like nothing. Ther...