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Now samsung is providing security updates to the s10 and other flagships in india. Where does the lockdown gone now. When we demand updates for mid range phones, then delay due to lockdown. Here my phone is on november patch. They cant even provide a...
I don't get alerts for my contact's birthday. Birthdays are saved with contacts and are showing in the samsung calendar but i don't recieve any alerts for them. All notification settings are on and there is no 3rd option for contact's birthday alert ...
Who is this making account on the name of @samsungservice and making comments in community. The comments it share are useless. We should do something against this account. Everybody should be aware from this account.It was my responsibility to share ...
Kesi company hai bhai. 2 main updates dene ka bolti hai. J7 Max ko nougat se oreo krdiya. Pie to kr dete aab. Vo bhi nahi hoya inse. Oreo pe latka hai bichara. 2 main updates kehke ek diya. Kuch to sharam kro.
Guys i am seeing the update list from many months. I am confused seeing the A30s name is written without mentioning galaxy in front of it. Every other device is mentioned with a (Galaxy) in front of it. Anybody knows the logic here.