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I kept my phone on charging 15 mins ago and after that i noticed that it only charged 5% . I kept on charging with 10%battery . Then i saw that fast charging is not working . PLEASE HELPSamsung a50 is Getting buggs frequently . Paid 25k for this and ...
Purchased this phone just a year ago and pubgm was running smoothly on it and suddenly game appeared like this. DID I PAY 25K FOR SEEING SUCH A THING ? #SAMSUNGSUCKS #INEEDREPLY #SOLUTIONREQUIRED
Just purchased A50 a year ago and their updates are slow .... wasted 25k 😡RECEIVING MARCH UPDATE IN MAY !!!!!
When tf samsung will rollout oneui 2 for a50 ? They started rolling it out for a 2 year old model and not for the recent model .waste experience. #samsucks
Since feb I didn't recieve any update for my Samsung a50 . And in the website it's showing that the one ui 2.0 updates for a50 are completed .If completed then why didn't i recieve it still ? COUNTRY ~INDIA