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Guys the battery draining became a major problem. I already have the 2nd one ui 2 beta update but the battery drain problem continues...Pls look after the matter seriously...Thanks
Guys it's working really fast now. Thanks Samsung for give me the opportunity. Really appropriate your effort. And Note 10 Plus you simply rocks...
Hi guys, Just received the Android 10 UI 2 update. But unfortunately no mobile data left. Probably download tomorrow. Thanks
Hello Samsung, Very queries to know when Android 10 will be available on my Note 10+. Also like to know whether Note 8 will have Android 10 or not. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks..
Dear Samsung, I love my Note 8 from the day i started using it. Recently, several websites leaked a probable list of Android 10 update index which excluding Note 8. If this is true than it'll break my heart. Your devices are really expensive here in ...