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Battery life kept on depleting after every update since purchase, but after one ui 2.1 it is worse. Pathetic battery life need more than 2 full charges daily. Just waiting to move away from samsung if even the next note comes with exynos . Updates us...
Add a tab or display the screen on time since last full charge in the battery stats in device care
Battery draining fast as compared to android 9.0Battery drains more on normal usage and even on standby. Samsung should fix this asap
The battery life seems to be improved after September update. Hopefully doesnt degrade after android 10 update. Easily getting upto 6 hrs daily on qhd+ resolution
Samsung is making a fool out of its customers. So poor battery life on so called flagship s10 plus Updates should improve performance where as after every update the battery performance is degrading. Was easily getting upto 7 hrs screen on time on qh...