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Galaxy S5 had a nice feature where calling window was lovable anywhere on screen. This made it one hand friendly. Google Phone has more better approach though, it minimizes call screen to small bubble like Samsung or FB chat heads. Tapping on it show...
I have noticed screen is turning on automatically periodically.  Also smart view automatically shows up on screen out of nowhere.  Any else facing this issue?Edit: I have seen Smart View is enabled by default and showing phone (Google cast) enabled i...
If I have multiple commands configured in a quick command, it only executes first one and does nothing. I have to manually dismiss the banner to kill it.
SIM panel in One UI 1.0 was accessible with just one swipe in notification shade. Now requires two swipes. I use it a lot, please give option to make it always available in One swipe.
I have got some minor scratches on my s9 screen. It's just a month old. :(I put keys and coins in same pocket at times as phone. This might have scratched it.Is there any way I can remove them?Also Are there any good screen protectors that can preven...