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A good initiative, Samsung; unfortunately this isn't practical.Why should my earlier posts in Samsung Members disappear when I change my Indian SIM card with another country's SIM card? Instead, a drop down option could have been provided to choose a...
Dear Samsung,Please provide complete Dark Mode for the email app.There are email apps like Blue Mail that have complete Dark Mode; i.e., even individual emails can be read in dark mode.Why is Samsung lagging?Thanks.
Dear Samsung,Please include the feature to save UPI address/es to one contact's information to facilitate seamless UPI payments via Samsung Pay; just as numbers are linked to Phone Dialer.Currently, only mobile numbers @UPI addresses, example: 123456...
Hi,Can anyone guide me as to how to set a welcome message to an incoming call and even an outgoing call, like those IVR calls that we make?Thanks.
This photograph speaks volumes and actually doesn't need a caption.Two children, happiness radiating from their faces, sit under the umbrella, even though it isn't raining; enjoying every moment together.Only God knows what's in store for them in the...