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Guys have anyone noticed this glitch??Icons are not displayed only the name are visible it's noticed after the new hotfix update
It's about the battery status on device care ,after updating I can't know how much days does the last charge lasten.If its shown beneath it would be much better to know about it .If it's provided then user's can have an look on using the device .Simp...
Keyboard layout need to adjustable a little even after the keyboard is set to the lower, coz of the keyboard settings option nd keyboard down arrow key is there so the keyboard will still back in the same place kindly move this 2 option to the upside...
Finally I got mine nd Registered 🤩🤩
Hello guy's I had an rumors that One ui beta will be rolled out by tomorrow, is there any truth about this news ?Does anyone know about it? Plz post it with evidence if u have one 🤗🤗