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I have also great battery  and there is no heat while gaming and also there is no camera problems like focus issue in low light like some youtuber says but after all snapdragon it better in graphics but not battery My phone s20 ultra 
I did saw in the start of this month everyone in us and eu and India get security patch November but on arab region we get it after a full month behind of the other regions even some regions start to get December!When the security patch will be avail...
The us get public beta 2 and we are still did not get sht also we did paid the same price as the us user after all the us user get least apps and best support and first update test and best deals and we rest of the world get sht in the face even in s...
So why there is stock apps like welcome up app and some other apps cant download from galaxy store and who live in us can Also why exynos user even s20 ultra user cant get public beta like who live in us This is sham for samsung even i am fan for now...