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Which is better in terms of sound quality and long terms usage?Edit: please don't recommend earbuds with silicon tips they dont fit me well and are uncomfortable... thanks
Samsung has finally enabled haptics for a51 users in this update.This includes vibration controls, keyboard feedback and navigation gestures feedback.This is the first thing I noticed will update if I find more features.
It always shows that software is up to date.Had to update it using mobile data last time also.No one is giving a solution.Edit: I have an update for my device which can be downloaded directly from phone but is not available on smart switch
This is not a paid review... just posted to help other users...Got this cheap at R.s. 50It doesn't cover whole screen..Fingerprint works fine just had to reset it once.Nothing special but its a good protection for screen.It was a bit rough when insta...
Hi members,Tomorrow Is the day I will order my first smart watch.I am deciding to go for galaxy watch active 2 lte Which I am getting for 25kMy max budget is 25kShould I go for it or consider any other watch.Guys who have this watch please help me.🙏