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Can't believe Samsung provided the June Security patch update for Galaxy A10. I'll update it today. If anyone needs the update reviews, u can comment. I'll provide you.Thank you @samsungindia
Required info on how good Galaxy M31 is for movie viewing purposes. It won't be used for playing games like PUBG. I want to know about its battery and display.
How is M21 for viewing movies and social networking???
Is M30 worth buying????????Also is M30s worth buying?????Please tell me.I want it for movies and social networking consumption. Also how's connectivity?
THIS IS PURELY MY EXPERIENCE. IN THIS REVIEW I'M NOT TARGETING ANY PARTICULAR BRAND. I'M NOT SPEAKING ABOUT WHICH BRAND IS GOOD OR WHICH IS BAD.I'm not speaking about the mid range but of the lower budget segment. I'm having Galaxy A10 (8k), using Ex...