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The Note 10/10+ has been launched and here are my thoughts. I am a Note 9 user and I was seriously thinking to upgrade to Note 10+. But will I consider it ?https://youtu.be/yK2LlDmkNPY
#createdonnotehttps://youtu.be/WvfoHrvoM1EIt's been a long journey of Owning a Note Series phone for me since my first Note, the Samsung SJet S8003. Yes! I still remember the model and it was also my first video on YouTube doing unboxing and overview...
Professional tips on capturing nice portrait pictures using Galaxy Note 9Click here to watch https://youtu.be/0iJucSfgENE
Useful Important Professional Tips on using Samsung Galaxy A7 Triple Camera setup.Click here to watch :https://youtu.be/lAS-51TsQVY
Hi guys,Here's the unboxing and First time setup (initial boot) of On7 Prime.https://youtu.be/GaIoI5ESwtwHope this helps. Also, today received a new update !!More updates to follow soon..