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I am a avid user of lightroom but on my s8, it stucks, hangs, crashes a lot. it's super annoying. please fix if this is a backend issue from Samsung end. thanks.
I'm getting unknown ads on my phone out of no where while I'm trying to access any app such as Samsung music, WhatsApp, Instagram. they pop up and block the entire screen.
unable to play mkv format on my Samsung video player. pls fix this.
what is the hell is going on with S8. the phone is behaving so slow and lagging like hell. I hate the way Samsung deals with memory management. extremely upset on this.
I bought my SIS just 2 days back and the RAM usage is almost 80% and more. The free space is only 600 mb or so which makes the phone slower is cause the app's to be sluggish in opening or accessing like FB, browser, YouTube etc. I'm regularly optimis...