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Will the Spen of Note 20 Ultra work with Note 10 + ? 
I recently change the camera module, and it is now not opening. Showing the error message from default camera app. But from other app , it can be accessible. Any help.
I recently lost my Watch 4. I was hoping for Knox security and thought that it will secure my watch. But I was prove wrong today. I once again bought a new Watch 4, login perfectly with my Samsung device.Now I did the real experiment,I disconnect the...
After more than a year passed, I am facing issue with the spen . Till now not solve. It is not charging and air gestures are not working. Only writing is working.By frustration, today I broke it. If I buy it again, from where I can purchase? Any link...
Is there any possibility to get my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 , if someone theft it from me and now maybe in unknown location? None any hope is seen from last month. Police enquiry is also useless.And I don't know whether Samsung has any security for the...