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User Activity better optimization on exynos 2100 CPU, but GPU makes it the runner up. Ku...
Hi team, due to very poor battery backup, really couldnt use 120hz feature on s20 plus. So would ask if we can have adaptive refresh rate option.
After June 2020 update, there seemed to be a sporadical improvement in the battery back up. But post July 2020 update, it went down again. Anyone else facing the same problem? Have cleared cache, recalibrated battery.. discharged and recharged a full...
Has anyone faced this issue before in note 9? Check the screenshot below. I am absolutely clueless as what to do for this. Any suggession?
Post updating from beta 4 which was drastically worse for battery, stable update even worsened the whole experience. Battery is dropping significantly quicker than any other versions, and I am feeling a bit of heating of phone as well. Rebooted coupl...