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Dear Samsung, M21 is a very successful mid-range phone but it didn't come with an in-built scrren recorder. Android 11 promised such a feature but still after I updated my M21 to android 11, there is no such option.   Kindly pay heed to it.
Shot with galaxy M21
I recovered a m30s phone by Samsung's find my mobile service. But when I found it, I discovered that when I rang it remotely, the phone was ringing at the pre-installed 'homecoming' tune which I don't think helps even though ringing at high levels. I...
 please someone tell me what this feature does? [I opened the recent apps window and held and released tge app icon on top of theapp window] (It has nothing to do with 's secure' or securing the app by a pattern or whatever)
Can anyone tell me what is the function and advantage of voicemail ?