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The update from 5.0 to 5.1 is devastating to my battery. For the first time ever, my S22Ultra snapdragon version relatively new, only 4 months old, is not lasting for more than 5 hours screen time on one charge.It used to last for 7+ hours easily.Sam...
I had my S20 ultra since it launched, it was a pre-order in march 2020.Last month i started noticing fine grey and flickering horizontal lines on the screen which was really weird.2 weeks later was the first time my screen turned green and shaky, i l...
I recently started noticing fine grey horizontal lines that move upwards, like old 80s TVs.Resolution is still perfect, and these lines are only visible on white background and on whatever app i am using.Sometimes they are barely noticeable. They are...
This is a very recent problem on my s20 ultra When Bluetooth is on and phone connected to watch 4 , whatsapp voice notes will play only on loudspeaker even when phone is held to the ear.Proximity sensor works fine.If i turn bluetooth off, things work...
After just having updated my s20 ultra to android 12, i tried to watch a video on samsung internet with smart view casted to my tv, and this is what happened to the app. It didn't go back to normal until i cleared cache and force stop the app.