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Samsung pay S22Ultra

(Topic created on: 11-02-2023 05:19 AM)
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Samsung Pay
I purshased my S22 Ultra from Lebanon, 
And I am using it in Bahrain.

Samsung pay is not available in Lebanon, But it is available in Bahrain.

When i downloaded samsung wallet, upon opening it, i am getting a pop-up message saying:
"Can't use Samsung pay. Samsung pay is not supported on your phone"

Any help on that??
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Samsung Pay
Best to contact Samsung. The only way I know is via installing the official ROM for your country which will support it.

However I will strongly suggest you do not do it yourself.

Speak to Samsung or use a different Wallet provider, such as Google Wallet, that supports your region.
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Samsung Pay
You have to get same country version for Samsung Pay to work, or you may try Google wallet.
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Samsung Pay

We appreciate your interest in using Samsung Pay, and we want to provide clarity regarding its regional availability. Samsung Pay is a service that depends on both the region of the device and the region where you are currently located.
However, Samsung pay is not supported in Bahrain, unfortunately.