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Take a look at the two photos sbs and you will the difference that lighting creates.So in pro mode you can actually do a lot of creative things.2nd picture is taken drom night mode of GALAXY A50 and first one from it's PRO mode.So determine eqrlier t...
I am a galaxy A50 user & will I recieve a beta test for one UI 2
My galaxy A50 supports 15 watt fast charging but In box charger gives 9VI want to buy a 15 watt charger to use its full capicity.Plz recommend me one or tell me things to care of before buying.
Guys I want to biy a charger for my galaxy A50 how much rating should I choose?In box charger is 9.0V or 2.0 Amps which I thing a little bit slow.I wanna go to 2.5 or 3 amps will this be healthy for my phone ?
I am wondering when will galaxy A50 will support fortnite ?Is it even possible forvit to support fortnite?Please tell !