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Hello S10 Users,What is the battery standby and SOT you guys get in your phones after September security update?I personally believe that Battery standby seems to have improved. Feel free to share your thoughts!
Hello S10 Members,Anyone got September security update yet?
Hi All,Any one notice this wierd frame drop when when viewing my apps and games in new google play store?Phone model - Samsung Galaxy S10 P.S - Don't mind the stars, that's just my effort to hide my email🤣
Hi All,Recently i got 700MB update for PUBG mobile. Do any of you feel that performance is improved in game play in S10 series?What do you guys think?
Hi All S10 users,Do any of you hear the "tic" sound(not from speakers, but from camera lens)when switching camera modes in Samsung Galaxy s10. I guess its normal when lenses are switching when changing ultra wide or zoom, But just wanted to make sure...