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Finally !!!! UPDATE IS OUT!Almost everytime when I start to lose hope on samsung, they do a comeback.Really amp'd to try the new update.DO share if you got it / how's the experience with the new update.
We are still stuck on the December 2019 patch & keep in mind this is a flagship device. Kuwait, Australia,Germany, USA & UK all have got the update. Why are we left behind? That's pathetic. Step it up samsung, it's not looking great.
Hi guys,I'm sure you've seen my "Ecosystem - 2019" post, if not please check it out. It would mean a lot to meThis one is just an upgrade to the same setup in 2020. The cross device sync is just amazing & samsung flow app is just the icing on the cak...
Hi guys,I am a proud galaxy s10+ user and I am really amazed by the kind of device it is. In the initial stages of usage you would not find anything out of box. But the moment you get a chance to compare with any other android device, that is when s1...
Hi Guys,Hope you all are doing well.Well, we all are aware of the current global situation, but I really thought it would not affect the update schedule.The updates on tablets are already miles behind as compared to phones, so I was really rooting fo...