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I lost my phone I used Find Device app but I couldn't locate it because the location turned off??
I have updated my s22+ today but I have issue that system storage increased to 76gb !! It was 32gb before the update. Although while the download the update size showed 3.2gb  Anyone has the same issue
I have updated my #note20ultra 5G yesterday 8 July 2021 and then my mobile data is not functioning properly? Now the data is very slow, after last update it's keep changing from 5G to H+? And mostly remains as H+? I did all types of troubleshooting l...
Why Galaxy buds can't be connectd to two devices like other buds!? I suggest strongly to add this feature in next software update or at least client can connect one of the Earbuds to another device. For example right Earbud can be connected to s10 an...
My tab s3 is slow after new update android 9 !? I have optimised the device using device care and restarted it but still it is slow!?