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After conducting a thorough investigation, I have discovered that the yellow tint issue in HDR10+ content captured on the Samsung S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra devices is indeed a genuine problem. This unintended color shift occurs when viewing  videos in ...
Why is the gif keyboar missing in the s24 ultra also 臘
I have noticed that the Samsung tag feature is not working for new pictures taken with the S24 Ultra, as reported by another user online. I would like to understand the reason behind this issue and explore potential solutions to resolve it.Additional...
So I've been using the classic 46mm for a few months and I hate the battery life I have to charge it every day, in comparison my watch 5 I would charge in 2 days, yes I keep all the health functions on on both and still the 5 is lasting 2 days. Anyon...
So it's been over 2 weeks and the s24ultra is still lagging, especially whrn I open the recent tab, anyone else face this issue. My 23ultra is super smooth in comparison and same apps