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Help me guys! I have sharaf DG 5,000 aed voucher. I badly wanted to buy Samsung tab s9 ultra wifi, unfortunately it's not available in all sharaf DG UAE anymore and I can only use those voucher in sharaf DG If you have any plan to buy gadgets in shar...
Why you remove this FEATURE in S24 series???WHY?????
This time guys, I don't know if it's me only. But for all those LOVE BIG Screen!!. The New Ultra I felt like not that Full Screen satisfying.  S24 plus is more like satisfying Full Screen Experience!! I check it personally Check that out.It's cool b...
For all Invisible Navagation Bar Lovers out there Like me!. The new line up they don't have it anymore... it's either Full Navagation Bar or One Bar only.And this is my S21 Ultra with Full Screen Experience with invisible Navagation BarThis is the Ol...
I'm not happy to update UI 6They removed some customization here! The one I like the most Home Up> FolderThey lessen the settings here. Now, you can not adjust the blur, shape, and color Home Up> FolderThey lessen the settings here. Now, you can not ...