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Post ur bugs n issues here.I felt some heat while playing pubg n other games with more frame drops than android 10.
Battery is draining constantly ,charged phone to 100% before sleep and it was at 89% when i got up after 8 hours,i dont use facebook and other social apps and most apps have been disabled.7 days old device  
Got s20+ a week ago ,,samsung is putting ads in weather app what a pathetic move ,last samsung device
im not .coz im stuck with this nougat from more than 1 year in my s7 edge and with a pink line out of nowhere....still my heart says Note 8 or s9 + but my brain ssys nooooooo never samsung again ...
i have s7 edge 1.5 years old running fine just got pink line out of now where,.now im planning to buy note 8 but i have few questions like how well does the palm rejection works? in s7 edge it sucks and i can hardly use the phone while laying on the ...