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 i recently checked my phone for exchange, valued as 9200. However, it is also mentioned that scratches and dents could result in denial. Has any one exchanged with scratches on rear side n minor dent phone.
Yesterday evening, I just went to a local mobile store for selling the Device. Earlier to six months it was on 5800₹ now the person says it will cost just mere, he also thinks battery might be swelling as well.  However i don't feel such a difference...
I was thinking to exchange f62 with the above mentioned phones.  Iqoo 11 gives 8.5 to 11 k in exchange of f62.Neo 7 3.5 to 5k. Same for all others.Iqoo 11 with this n card offers costs around 46k with sd gen 2.Neo 7 with dimensity 8200 close to 888+I...