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Samsung pay is not working after the recent update. The issue is samsung has move to samsung wallet and watch 3 is still looking for samsung pay. This is so frustrating that a watch just few years old stopped the main feature the watch is famous for....
Since UAE samsung don't care to give any proper feature or software update,  especially for samsung tab users. I am thinking to move out of this samsung ecosystem. How many of you have similar thoughts.
There is no security update or feature update for samunsg s8 plus in UAE. Last update was on May 2022. Does some one know why this is happening in UAE. Rest of all regions get updates, even new taskbar is deployed for many other region.
All the screen pop messages do not disappear automatically after the last update. For example when you take a screen shot and save it to gallery the pop saying image has been saved to gallery is no longer disappearing automatically. The work around i...