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I was thinking directly going to the android 10 with june security patch but I am still getting the update with march security patch.. why is it happening?is there anybody whi are still on android 9??which update you are getting? 
can anyone confirm that the hotspot not detected issue with windows 10 pc solved after the update or not? 
The android 10 update was made available to this device on 16th march this year. After the update most of the users are facing some kind of issues though I haven't updated my device to android 10 yet I am still facing some of the problems after the l...
after the update to android 10 the software has lots of bugs I mean a lot of. I don't understand one thing at this moment they have M21 which is 99.99% similar to m30s if that device has a bugless software then why not this?? is this a dirty marketin...
After the much hyped campaigning I fell into their trap and bought the first samsung device of my life. Though I had no intentions or need to buy a device more than 10k still I loved the specs and bought it on the first day of it's sale.Now here come...