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Hi guysI was wondering if you could suggest me your best theme you've downloaded from theme store so far ...I'll be thankful a lot 
That's the limit , Samsung is making battery of S7 more dreadful update after update , it got too annoying and ... Samsung pls look for a solution pls solve this problem , tha battery draining started from Oreo and is getting more annoying by passing...
hey guysI posted this to say that yesterday I read one statistic of phone sellings and I got surprised when I saw S7/S7 edge are still and still alive and they are being sold after 2 years although it doesn't produce anymore , it has a pleasant sell ...
well , we all were waiting for Oreo before it is realeased and after that the gradual death of S7 started , it's time to say good bye 
do you believe S7 will recieve Android P 